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Legal advice.

LAWBO Law Firm offers professional and comprehensive legal advice. We provide services in a variety of areas and specialties of law. We advise legal entities and individual clients throughout the country and operating abroad. In matters entrusted provide confidential information and documents obtained.

The services we offer our clients:

  • legal assistance in the selected issues
  • current legal services to entrepreneurs
  • preparation of legal opinions
  • conducting legal research and due diligence, legal and tax audits
  • involved in complex projects in the selected issues
  • preparation of all necessary procedural documents
  • participation in negotiations, mediation and dispute resolution
  • representation before the authorities, courts of all instances, in relations with third parties

We provide our services in English.


Our offer includes training in law. We help systematize knowledge of the existing provisions in the various branches of the law. In a communicative informed of any regulations necessary for your business. Offered expanding knowledge skills and competencies, giving results in the daily hard work.


LAWBO Law Firm collaborates with specialists in various fields, including tax advisors, economic, experts, patent attorneys, translators.


The standard of our work is bright and clear communication with the client, and above all transparency in the accounts. Each time we present the cost of services and immediately inform of any changes in the course of revealing cooperation.

The proposed form of remuneration:

  • monthly lump sum
  • hourly rates
  • lump sum for the task
  • success fee

We are competitive, we try to make money for our services meet the expectations of our customers. Applicable rates are dependent on the specificity and type of case, and the necessary expenditure of time.

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