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About us.

The dynamics of changes taking place in the legal services market, meant that we decided to include them in our working lives. After many years of working with leading law firms have decided to develop their own law firm.

In 2012, the brand created LAWBO. By combining the two words “law” (the law), and “bo” (because), we have identified the essence of our thinking about the tasks they execute. Our goal is to provide clients with effective solutions to ensure the legal security of the business. We want to effectively contribute to the strengthening of their position in the market.

LAWBO Office Law Office is located in Gdynia. We conduct our business throughout the country. We also request the participation of and on behalf of foreign entities. We provide comprehensive legal services in a variety of areas and specialties of law, offer legal advice to all businesses and consumers.

We are distinguished by the knowledge and passion, and years of experience makes us understand the rules that apply to your business. We know how significantly influenced by the proper application of existing regulations on competitiveness and the importance of time and efficiency. That’s why we work so that they entrusted us to effectively resolve the matter as soon as possible, while ensuring the confidentiality and legal security.


Law Office LAWBO constitute legal advisers and lawyers who for years contributed to the success of leading Polish law firms. The experience and expertise allow us to provide a high standard and comprehensive legal services. Supporters including tax advisors, experts, translators and specialists in other fields.

Our team is the most important understanding and cooperation. We are committed to an effective resolution of matters entrusted to us, to this end, we provide a dedicated care lawyer in specific cases we create task forces.

In dealing with our customers, we have determined understandable communication. We are responsible, committed and efficient. We offer professional and personal attention to clients.


We gained our experience over many years. Working with leading law firms both have provided legal advice to small and medium-sized and large enterprises, including state-owned companies. Among them were actors from various industries and sectors of the economy, including banking and financial services, construction, energy, trade and services, information technology, medical sector, automotive, real estate and insurance.

The knowledge and experience allows us to offer professional legal services. We are committed to the meaning of specific economic activities of our clients and their specific problems and expectations. We provide effective solutions for achieving objectives.

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